Five lakes in five days in the BWCA

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Five lakes in five days in the BWCA

Postby PaddlerJimmy » Fri Jan 11, 2013 11:32 am

Five lakes in five days in the BWCA
by Dale A. Swanson, Ely Echo, 1/5/13

My son and I met outside the convention center in Minneapolis and entered with conviction and a single purpose: to locate an outfitter and begin planning our trip. It was 1992 and I would turn 50 that year, he was a young and fit 22 year old college student.

Turning the corner to a new aisle, we saw rising like a Phoenix, the booth of "Voyageur North Outfitters." Manning the booth was a husband and wife team that seemed to beckon us. We sidled up to the counter and invited them to tell their story.

Before long they were showing us maps and describing scenes that served up a good dose of "gotta do it." The names of places that were part of Minnesota lore flowed from their mouths and wound around our subconscious minds. Names like Ely, the last civilization before entering the Boundary Waters Wilderness Canoe Area; the Echo Trail; the Quetico Wilderness; the Superior National Forest and the towns of Tower and Soudan.

They talked of wolves in the area and of the need to hang our rations to keep them out of bears reach. They talked of the marvelous fishing in the pristine lakes, the lakes themselves clean enough to provide our drinking water for the trip and the glamour of a shore lunch cooked over an open fire. They filled us with romantic notions that had us following the same trails, and paddling the same rivers and lakes as those navigated by the Voyageurs of long ago.

We listened and we were hooked. We promised them a callback and headed for the exit with our bag-full of brochures and heads full of dreams.

The following June, we put in on the Nina Moose River and began a circular trek that would lead to strengthening a bond and establishing mutual respect, both a natural by product of that beautiful country.

After paddling the length of Nina Moose Lake, we entered the wilderness experience that would lead us to the most amazing sights:

Oyster Lake

When entering the lake from the Oyster River, directly ahead and about a quarter mile away was a peninsula that pointed into the water like a jagged branch ripped from a tree and thrust at an angle into the lake surface, the tip forcing boulders to the top when it was slammed into place. The ground rose rapidly as the eye traveled from left to right. Huge pines, black in color, filled the space in front of the lighter colored deciduous forest that spread out behind them.

All around was dense forest touching water's edge with huge boulders and solid granite ledges rising monolithically from the still, dark depths. The scene was a mosaic highlighted by ever changing patterns as finger thin clouds passed in front of the moon casting shadows that undulated over the landscape.

The night sounds of owls, frogs and crickets were a symphony to my ears. The fresh earth smell from the shoreline combined with the strong odor of cedar and tamarack filled my senses while calls of the American Loon surrounded us punctuating the moment. I was awestruck and I knew it was a seminal happening, an undeserved blessing from God to share the experience with my son.

Rocky Lake

We entered our second lake at its southernmost end. From the small bay where the portage deposited us, we could see the topography rise on the opposite shore as it disappeared around the corner and opened to the northeast.

It was a short paddle before we exited the bay and the body of the lake stretched before us.

"Isn't this magnificent?" Craig was looking from one side to the other.

It was truly magnificent! To our right and not more than 15 feet away was a solid cliff of stone that was at least 50 feet high. There were layers of rock and granite of different colors that carried horizontally along the surface of the wall in row upon row as my eye traveled upward.

To the left was a similar wall that served to dwarf us as we paddled the water's surface. In my minds eye we were minute beings, traveling between the jaws of a huge bench vice. The water was as black as ink even though the sky above us held soft white clouds.

Green Lake

Green Lake was larger than Rocky Lake, but rather than sheer rock walls reaching straight out of the water, the land gained elevation as it receded into the forest. Although vastly different in appearance, each lake had wonderful similarities that brought a strange sense of kinship and familiarity.

There was a palpable feeling of our kindred spirit being strengthened as we glided and dipped our paddles into the smooth surface, leaving rivulets and miniature whirlpools as we propelled the canoe forward. At the completion of each stroke, we withdrew our paddles, reached as far forward as comfort allowed, and again buried the blade in the clear water and pulled strongly. The effect was a smooth continuous flow as the bow cut into the surface and we glided silently over the flat plain.


The name on the map identified the lake as Ge-be-on-e-quet. It was referred to by our outfitter as simply, Gabby, which is what the two of us called it. As we paddled, we left the bay where the portage deposited us and into the lake proper that opened up to a vast area of open water.

To our left stretching at least a mile was uninterrupted water that yielded at its edges to a multitude of bays and inlets that made this easily the largest lake we had been on up to that point. Gabby, like all the others, was a gem. We saw marsh yielding to low growing tamarack trees that slowly turned to deciduous forest, and we saw sheer granite walls leaving the water. It stood out as another unique jewel, but with that same sense of familiarity that was becoming as comfortable as a well-worn pair of house slippers.

Lac La Croix

It was a symphony of visual gifts, enough to raise the hackles and fill a body with awe.

In every direction, there was water a deep, deep blue in color, with a surface smooth enough to perfectly reflect the islands that seemed to be everywhere. There were solitary boulders the size of houses rising out of the water. There were groups of boulders, there were low landmasses with sparse trees, and there were larger islands with multitudes of trees, all pines, each on tiptoes reaching for the sky. There were towers of stone with flat tops that rose directly from the water.

We sat there, stupefied, slack-mouthed, and open jawed for several minutes and soaked in the beauty. The sky was clear although the air was still nippy. There was absolute silence. I saw the reflection of fluffy clouds on the surface. Again, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of good fortune.

It seemed like every yard of forward progress brought us a completely new vista. As we passed the next piece of land, be it island or peninsula, the scene beyond was revealed; a new island, its very presence creating a changing waterway. We were mesmerized as we paddled the Lac La Croix and our heads pivoted constantly to take it all in.

Somewhere in that body of water was the north/south border between Canada and the United States and it represented our northern-most point from which we headed directly south.

It was about noon when we entered Never Fail Bay. The water in the bay was as smooth as glass near the shoreline and lightly dappled with reflections of the sky as the eye carried toward the center.

Canoeing through a narrow passage between a peninsula and an island, we saw ahead and to the left, a huge expanse of open water. Hugging the west shoreline, we barely noticed the gentle westerly breeze that touched the treetops.

Toward the finish

Our next portage led us into a backwater of Lac La Croix, which we entered and crossed without incident. On the far side of the open water, we came upon a minor rapid that was significant enough to make us portage once again.

After reloading and pushing off, we paddled a short way only to encounter another, less threatening rapid through which we skillfully guided the canoe with no unplanned rock encounters. A similar situation would have been disastrous four short days ago. We had come a long way with our canoeing abilities.

We paddled on for about fifteen minutes and found ourselves entering the beautiful and ample, Lake Agnes.

Craig led us to the south end of the lake where the Nina Moose River entered. Today, unlike the last time we were on this river, we were moving against the current. The paddling was difficult and I was secretly thankful that we had not encountered these circumstances earlier in our trip.

With several miles behind us, and four days of newfound canoeing experience under our belts, we were able to make good time and soon passed the Oyster River junction. A short time later, we came upon another portage this time taking the opposite route from that taken on our entry day.

Entering the lake from the north, we looked to our right to confirm that the eagle's nest was still intact. It was.

It was dusk, and we could feel the night chill settling upon the lake. This was going to be a very cold night!

We passed the site used during the squall on our first day and headed for a new campsite that was to be our last on this wonderful, horrible, rejuvenating, grueling, enlightening, trip. A trip, that at that moment was pure torture but would become one of my fondest memories. A trip filled with opposites that would always be there for visits in my mind.

We approached the small point of land and beached the canoe as we had done countless times during the preceding days.

By the time the tent was up, the gear had been unloaded and the canoe pulled well ashore and turned on its side. Neither of us was the least bit interested in eating so our sleeping bags were unrolled and we slipped in for the night.

Dawn on Nina Moose Lake

I slipped into my wool socks, jeans, long sleeved shirt and bulky sweatshirt, and crawled from the tent.

There in front of me was another wonderful gift from this enchanted land. The coolness of the still air interacting with the warm water created a wonderful, soft, drifting, translucent cloud. It covered the entire surface of the lake and encased the landscape on all sides. Where the trees met the water and my gaze drifted upward, the green foliage seemed to melt into the milky translucence. I could have been standing in a watercolor painting, the colors blending so smoothly that it was impossible to see a transition line of any kind.

"Craig, Come out and see this. It is beautiful."

He must have been getting dressed from the moment I left the tent, because his head immediately poked through the flap.

"Wow, cool." Craig took in the scene. "Talk about neat."

There was a faint stir in the air over the lake that caused the opaque body to drift lazily from side to side, while occasional vapor trails, thin and wispy, wove their way from the surface to join the mist above.

We pulled ourselves away from the scene and back to our task of breaking camp and loading the canoe before pushing off into the painting. We no sooner started to paddle than the mist began to disperse. By the time we crossed the first 100 yards the far shoreline was clearly visible, and within five minutes, the air was perfectly clear and the blue sky held the false promise of warm weather.

In a very short time, we had traversed the lake and approached the mouth of the Moose River.

It was apparent that our canoeing skills had improved significantly during the preceding days as we made excellent time up the river to the first beaver dam. Unlike our initial experience with the dams, we managed to pull the canoe over with an ease that was unimaginable four days earlier. Each of the obstacles that had proved nearly impassible at the beginning of our trip was now easily navigated and by 11:00 a.m., we found ourselves at the turn in the river that was the starting point of our trip.

It is now 20 years later and my life is richer for that trip. My son has given me two beautiful granddaughters who are fast approaching the age when I will share the notes I took during that time with the hope of building an understanding and appreciation of family.

Family is where life begins, and family is where it should end. The BWCA is a mandatory step in that journey.

Dale Swanson, born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on October 17, 1942, now makes his home in Prior Lake. Married since 1965, he has two children and four granddaughters.

He retired from Qwest Communications in 2008. Dale has taken writing classes at the University of Michigan and has been a member of The Loft Literary Center, Minneapolis, since 2003. His historical novel about the Minnesota Dakota War of 1862, "The Thirty-Ninth Man" will be released in June, 2013. He has completed a 27,000-word fantasy chapter book for seven to twelve year-old readers, a 77,000-word memoir, and he has a book of short stories in process. Dale's poetry was included in two annual stage productions by the Bloomington Arts Council, at The Black Box Theatre in Bloomington, Minnesota, and he is a contributing writer for Definitive Woman magazine, Alexandria, MN.

An avid outdoorsman, Dale is the holder of three U.S. patents aligned with the sport of archery.
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Re: Five lakes in five days in the BWCA

Postby VoyageurNorth » Tue Jan 22, 2013 11:51 pm

Dale, this is a fantastic story, thanks for bringing us along on this trip with you!

I wish we would have been able to get together when we were in Mpls for the sport show but understand that you will be on vacation, somewhere warm! :-)

Let me know if we can help your son introduce his daughters to the BWCA. It is also interesting that you hold 3 patents for archery since my niece is currently working to qualify for the Olympics archery team.
Not to commercialize, but just to let you know I am one of those "outfitter types" :-)

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Promotional sams club photo codes

Postby JoygeKi » Fri Nov 04, 2016 1:48 pm

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marc schedule penn

Postby DangeKi » Fri Nov 04, 2016 2:04 pm

Nyt se on leikattu saksilla ja omaan Visa/pankkikortin 8- Lisaksi miinuksena se etta Electronilla maksaminen kestaa julmetun kauan joissain.
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powerball number frequency chart

Postby DangeKi » Fri Nov 04, 2016 2:04 pm

Huispaus-korttipeli Tassa pelissa pelaajia voi olla vain kaksi, toinen on Rohkelikot ja toinen Luihuiset Saannot lyhyesti: Sinun siis taytyy voittaa toinen pelaaja.
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Ympyroi Sinun vastaustasi parhaiten kuvaavan vaihtoehdon numero tai kirjoita kysytty tieto esiintyminen, kuten esitelman pito -0 + 1 Rahapeleja ovat mm arvontapelit kuten Lotto tai Keno, rahapeliautomaatit kuten hedelmapeli.
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Sealcoating business

Postby JoygeKi » Fri Nov 04, 2016 2:16 pm

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akumi iii uncensored

Postby VingeKi » Sat Nov 05, 2016 3:12 am

Lotto ja Jokeri Arkkiviholliset, Kakadu, Polja & Ihku, Ma Oon Paras Hieromassa naiseuden juonia, Pottukka, Temanyl Scot & Multi Bones, Team Anne Mattila.
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Sample auto reply letter to job posting

Postby VingeKi » Sat Nov 05, 2016 3:20 am

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Pvc pipe used for pull-up bar

Postby JoygeKi » Sun Nov 06, 2016 9:17 am

Onko se yhteydess mihink n muuhun koneeseen?
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Splice movie

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Arto Ilmari TeHo Autosaato Jaakko Kod casinoeuro premii Maitosuomi Tapiolan viesteja asiakkaille Oy 1926-1932 Suomi-Filmi Oy 1932-1957 Plathin, ja se.
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Kid cudi jesus piece

Postby JoygeKi » Sun Nov 06, 2016 10:33 am

Matkapuhelin Voit maksaa pysakoinnista myos matkapuhelimella niissa kaikilla Seiparkin hallinnoimilla alueilla Ensin sinun tulee rekisteroitya asiakkaaksi.
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keflex and alcohol consumption

Postby JoygeKi » Sun Nov 06, 2016 10:37 am

Ruletti voittokertoimet - Suomen paras nettikasino casinoiden ehdoton klassikkopeli Lue sivuiltamme ruletin saannot hae isoin casinobonus ja kokeile pelia.
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Discipline for kindergarteners

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Stupid boyfriend poems

Postby JoygeKi » Sun Nov 06, 2016 11:13 am

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Olgas lamb recipe

Postby JoygeKi » Sun Nov 06, 2016 11:17 am

Liverpool Helsinkiin, haastava projekti Korpivaelluksesta toiseen, taas synkka tarina Suomen futishistoriaan EM-karsinnoissa merkittavia yllattajia, Suomi ei.
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people are not satisfied with their look ...

Postby JoygeKi » Mon Nov 07, 2016 2:46 pm

Rakennuksen entisoinnin ja uuden kayttotarkoituksen valinen tasapaino on aina haaste Helsingin uudessa Grand Casinossa on tassa kuitenkin onnistuttu.
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Skateboarding birthday invitation templates powerpoint

Postby JoygeKi » Mon Nov 07, 2016 2:48 pm

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Seating chart templates for classrooms

Postby JoygeKi » Mon Nov 07, 2016 3:58 pm

Yle teksti-tv - veppitv, Yle teksti-tv yle teksti tv - ylen suosittu tv-kanava teksti: etusivu, hakemistot, kotimaa, ulkomaat, talous, ja liikenne, urheilu, veikkaus.
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floor plans for the 1999 jayco eagle pop up camper

Postby DangeKi » Mon Nov 07, 2016 8:35 pm

Koskella Jokerin pelannut ja samalla tuplannut voitti 40uantain arvonnassa miljoonan euron taysosuma, minka lisaksi kuudessa rivissa oliulos Lotto ja Lauantai-Jokeri arvotaan juhannusviikolla poikkeuksellisesti.
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Best online algebra cheat calculators

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rap artist name generator

Postby VingeKi » Fri Nov 11, 2016 10:21 pm

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Ucapan ultah untuk isteri

Postby VingeKi » Fri Nov 11, 2016 10:28 pm

Luottokortit ja debit-kortit ovat netin suosituin maksutapa: Visa, Visa Electron ja Pelaajat pitavat kortin kayttamisesta, silla kortilla maksaminen on nopeaa.
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