We Know nothing about the BWCA but...

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We Know nothing about the BWCA but...

Postby schultzy29 » Thu Jun 28, 2012 9:47 pm

My girlfriend and I are looking to go up to the Boundary Waters the first week in August (during the week) but we have no idea where to go :(

We would like to be in a lesser populated area. We don't want to be miles away from others but not right next to them either (If that makes sense?)
Neither of us have camped much but we are not dumb either so we can figure just about anything out. We love kayaking and jetskiing but we do not own either of these nor do we have a way to transport these. Is there a way we could still do this while camping? Also, hiking would be something we will do plenty of.

Please Help Us!
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