Pagami Creek Fire Updates - 2011

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Re: Pagami Creek Fire Updates - 2011

Postby bwca » Thu Oct 06, 2011 1:17 pm


The Pagami Creek Fire remains at 92,682 acres and is 71% contained. Near record high temperatures and dry, windy conditions are forecasted for the Pagami Creek Fire area through the end of the week. Fire activity has the potential to increase as a result of this forecast. There may be increased smoke in the area as fire activity increases (especially on the east side). The Superior National Forest has expanded closures for areas adjacent to the Pagami Creek Fire as a precautionary measure to provide for public safety. Hot spots outside the fire perimeter continue to be located and contained. Crews are being moved in anticipation of stronger southerly winds expected on Thursday and Friday. Additional air resources (two CL215 water scooping aircraft and one Type 1 helicopter) are assigned to the fire and will become available through the day as they arrive.


· On the West and Northwest portions of the fire crews will patrol, mop-up existing lines and back haul unneeded equipment. Some crews will be moved east to assist with line construction.

· On the Northeast and East portions of the fire, line construction will continue as well as patrol and mop-up of previously constructed line.

· On the Southern portions near Isabella patrol, mop-up and line improvement continues.

· On the Southwestern portions, line construction will continue between Superstition and Bog Lakes.

· All crews will be checking outside the line for hot spots that are being detected as the warmer weather and increased winds continue.

· Air resources will continue to provide support to firefighters on the ground.

WEATHER: Dry and warm weather with increasing winds is forecast over the fire through the week. High temperature today is expected to be 76oF with winds out of the southeast at 5 to 11 mph with gusts to 21 mph.
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Re: Pagami Creek Fire Updates - 2011

Postby bwca » Fri Oct 07, 2011 12:27 pm

Friday, October 7, 2001 Update for The Pagami Creek Fire

The Pagami Creek Fire remains at 92,682 acres and is 71% contained. A fire weather watch and Red Flag warning are posted for the fire area.

Fire activity increased in several areas of the fire with active surface fire and group tree torching. Little acreage was added to the fire but spot fires occurred in the north side near Fishdance Lake and on the east side east of Ferne and Isabella Lakes. Windy conditions throughout the night on Friday may cause fire activity to extend into the evening hours.

At midnight Thursday night statewide fire restrictions went into effect. No campfires are allowed except in designated, developed campgrounds. Campfires are restricted in the entire BWCAW .


· On the West and Northwest portions of the fire crews will patrol, mop-up existing lines and back haul unneeded equipment. Some water drops were used in that area of the fire to cool previously unburned islands within the fire area.

· On the Northeast and East portions of the fire, hose-lays and line construction will continue as well as patrol and mop-up of previously constructed line. This is still an area of high concern.

· On the Southern portions near Isabella patrol, mop-up and line improvement continues.

· On the Southwestern portions, line construction will continue between the Isabella River and Bog Lakes.

· As the warmer weather and increased winds continue, all crews will be checking hot spots that are being detected outside the existing line. Suppression forces will take a proactive approach in using aircraft to cool hot spots.

· On the southeast portion of the fire crews will be adding a secondary line in an area where several hot spots have been found outside of the existing line. (Ferne Lake)

· Firefighters are prepared to disengage if the weather provides unsafe conditions to work.

WEATHER: Dry and warm weather will continue on Friday with temperatures in the 70s and winds gusting to 36 from the south by 1:00 pm . Winds will continue into the nighttime hours and pick up again early Saturday morning.

AREA/ROAD CLOSURES: The Superior National Forest has expanded closures for areas adjacent to the Pagami Creek Fire as a precautionary measure to provide for public safety. Travel along Lake County 7 and FR 369, FR 373 and FR 377 is open. The area between these roads and the fire is closed. To see the updated list of closures and closure map, please visit or (

FIRE RESTRICTIONS: The state of Minnesota has restricted campfire on both state and federal lands. Campfires are allowed only in designated,developed campgrounds (fee area)., For more information please visit (

LOCATION: The fire started approximately 13 miles east of Ely.

CAUSE: Lightning

DETECTED: August 18, 2011

RESOURCES: There are currently 465 personnel assigned to the incident. Resources include: 8 hotshot (Type 1) crews, 4 Type 2 crews, 3 engines, 0 dozers, 1 water tenders, 4 camp crews and other personnel. The following air resources are available: 3 Type 1 helicopters, 3 Type 3 helicopters, 2 CL 215, and three Beaver aircraft on floats.
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Re: Pagami Creek Fire Updates - 2011

Postby bwca » Mon Oct 10, 2011 3:06 pm

Pagami Creek Fire Update for Monday, October 10, 2011

TODAY'S MESSAGE: The Pagami Creek Fire is 80% contained and remains 92,682 acres. Continued cool and damp weather aided firefighting efforts Sunday. Crews focused efforts on line construction along the northeastern boundary of the fire near Fishdance Lake, the eastern side of the fire near Ferne Lake and the southern portion of the fire near Bog Lake. Aviation resources supported fire crews with suppression activities and transport of supplies and back haul.

Warmer weather is expected to return today. Crews will continue with mop-up and patrol in areas of the fire that are contained. Line construction will continue in the Fishdance Lake, Ferne Lake and Bog Lake areas.

Fire restrictions throughout the state remain in effect. No campfires are allowed except in designated, developed campgrounds. Campfires are restricted in the entire BWCAW.


· On the West and Northwest portions of the fire crews will patrol, mop-up existing lines and back haul un-needed equipment.

· On the Northeast portions of the fire, hose-lays and line construction will continue as well as patrol and mop-up of previously constructed line.

· On the East portion of the fire crews will continue to build fire line near Ferne Lake.

· On the Southern portions of the fire near Isabella patrol, mop-up and line improvement continues.

· On the Southwestern portions, line construction and reinforcement of existing lines will continue in the Bog Lake area.

WEATHER: Higher temperatures will return today with a high of 69 - 75 degrees. Relative humidity is expected to be between 36 - 42%. Winds will be South to Southeast at 8 - 13 mph with gusts to 24 mph.
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Re: Pagami Creek Fire Updates - 2011

Postby bwca » Tue Oct 11, 2011 3:50 pm

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

TODAY'S MESSAGE: The Pagami Creek Fire is 82% contained and remains 92,682 acres. Warmer temperatures and lower relative humidity returned yesterday. Fire behavior did not increase significantly due to recent rains. Crews continued with line construction along the northeastern boundary of the fire near Fishdance Lake, the eastern side of the fire near Ferne Lake and the southern portion of the fire near Bog Lake. Aviation resources supported fire crews with suppression activities and transport of supplies and back haul.

Line construction will continue today in the Fishdance Lake, Ferne Lake and Bog Lake areas. Crews will continue with mop-up and patrol and will begin to back haul over 75 miles of hose from areas of the fire that are contained.

Fire restrictions throughout the state remain in effect. No campfires are allowed except in designated, developed campgrounds. Campfires are restricted in the entire BWCAW. Please see below for additional information.


On the West and Northwest portions of the fire crews will patrol, mop-up existing lines and back haul un-needed equipment.
On the Northeast portions of the fire, hose-lays and line construction will continue as well as patrol and mop-up of previously constructed line.
On the East portion of the fire crews will continue to build fire line near Ferne Lake
On the Southern portions of the fire near Isabella patrol, mop-up and line improvement continues.
On the Southwestern portions, line construction and reinforcement of existing lines will continue in the Bog Lake area.
WEATHER: Higher temperatures will continue today with a high of 68 - 73 degrees. Relative humidity is expected to be between 42 - 49%. Winds will be South/southwest at 5 - 10 mph becoming southwest at 8 - 12 mph with gusts to 22 mph from late morning on.
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Containment at 89%

Postby bwca » Fri Oct 14, 2011 10:49 am

Friday, 10/14/2011

Containment for the Pagami Creek fire has grown to 89%. The fire remains 92,682 acres in size. Rain fell across the entire fire area yesterday and some parts received over 1" of precipitation. Fire crews continued to work on line construction in the Ferne Lake and Bog Lake areas. Patrol and mop-up continued on the remainder of the fire. Some crews and resources are being released as containment of the fire progresses.

Cool, wet weather will return today. Strong NW winds are expected throughout the day. For the first time wind chill is entering the forecast and will make the temperatures feel 8 - 10 degrees cooler. Providing for firefighter safety is a primary concern and plans are in place to bring crews in if necessary. Crews will continue to construct fireline on the East side of the fire near Ferne Lake and on the southwest side of the fire near Bog Lake. Crews on the remainder of the fire will be focused on final patrol, mop-up and backhaul operations.

The Superior National Forest and the Minnesota Dept. of Natural Resources have lifted fire restrictions statewide.


The West, North and Northeast portions of the fire crews will patrol and back haul un-needed equipment.
On the East portion of the fire crews will continue to build fire line near Ferne Lake
On the Southern portions of the fire near Isabella patrol, mop-up and back haul un-needed equipment.
On the Southwestern portions, line construction and reinforcement of existing lines will continue in the Bog Lake area.
WEATHER: Cool temperatures are expected today with a high of 44 - 49 degrees. Relative humidity is expected to be between 59 - 65%. Winds will be NW at 10 - 15 mph increasing to 14 - 18 mph. Gusts up to 35 mph.
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Re: Pagami Creek Fire Updates - 2011

Postby bwca » Sun Oct 16, 2011 5:03 pm

Sunday, 10/16/2011

The fire remains 92,682 acres and 90%containment. Strong winds in the past two days have hampered both crew removal and equipment haul back from the fire lines. Yesterday high winds made aviation operations unsafe so they shut down at 3:00 pm . Fire crews continued to work on line construction in the Ferne Lake and Bog Lake areas. The remaining areas are in patrol status. Crews and resources continue tobe released as containment of the fire increases.

Cold, windy weather will continue today. Strong west winds are expected to increase withgusts to 35mph by this afternoon. Temps 45-50. Providing for firefighter safety is a primary concern and plans are in place to bring crews in to camp ifnecessary.


The West, North and Northeast portions of the fire crews will backhaul un-needed equipment.

On the East portion of the firecrews will continue to build fire line near Ferne Lake,
On the Southern portions of thefire near Isabella patrol and back haul un-needed equipment.
On the Southwestern portions, line construction and reinforcement
of existing lines will continue in the Bog Lake area.
WEATHER: Cool temperatures are expected today with a high of 45 -50 degrees. Relative humidity is expectedto be between around 40%. Winds will be W at 8-12 mph increasing to 15 - 18 mph.Gusts up to 35 mph.
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Re: Pagami Creek Fire Updates - 2011

Postby bwca » Thu Oct 20, 2011 12:26 am


The fire remains 92,682 acres and 91% containment. Cold temperatures, rain and light snow showers continue to hamper both crew removal and equipment haul back from the fire lines. Yesterday fire crews continued to work on line construction in the Bog Lake area. The remaining areas of the fire are in patrol status.
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Re: Pagami Creek Fire Updates - 2011

Postby bwca » Sun Oct 23, 2011 10:55 pm

The fire remains 92,682 acres and 93% containment. All divisions on the Pagami Creek Fire are in aerial patrol status and the fire itself is unstaffed. A few remaining back haul items need to be retrieved from the fire line and rehab of some areas on the fire line continues. Crews and other resources continue to be released. Providing for firefighter and public safety is a primary concern. Mild afternoon weather is expected today. Winds are expected to be about 3-5 mph out of the North/Northwest, then switching to the South later in the day, with afternoon temperatures about 48-53 degrees.
This will be the last daily update provided for the Pagami Creek Fire unless fire circumstances change in the future. Please contact your local Superior National Forest office for information regarding the Pagami Creek Fire after today.


Crews will haul any remaining equipment out of the fire area and work on rehab of areas on the fire line.
The perimeter of the fire will be unstaffed and in aerial patrol status.
Fire fighting crews will continue to be demobilized from the incident and provided transportation back to their home units
WEATHER: Warmer afternoon temperatures are expected today with a high of 48-53 degrees. Relative humidity is expected to be between around 48%. Winds will be NW,S at 3-5 mph.

AREA/ROAD CLOSURES: Most of the previously closed areas outside of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW), have been re-opened. A section of the BWCAW including the Lady Chain and north to, and including, the Kekekabic Hiking Trail has been re-opened. These areas were closed due to activity in around the Pagami Creek Fire. A small portion of the BWCAW, including the Pow Wow Hiking Trail, and forest Road 377 leading to Forest Center will remain closed. The Forest Service asks that visitors take care traveling in the re-opened areas as fire crews may still be working in the area.
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Re: Pagami Creek Fire Updates - 2011

Postby PaddlerJimmy » Thu Mar 15, 2012 11:37 am

Pagami Fire Still Smoking as Fire Season Begins
March 14, 2012 Duluth, MN (Northlands NewsCenter)

-- Officials at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources say aerial surveillance shows fire is still burning in areas of the Pagami Creek Fire.

These hot spots are in the extensive BWCA peat bogs.

This news comes the same day that fire season officially begins in the northland.

On a beautiful March Day in the Twin-Ports smoker Chasers and foresters for the Minnesota DNR are getting ready to do battle in another season of fighting fires.

"It gets us back to thinking about what's going to be happening when we get to fire so we don't have to do a thought process when we show up"

But it's not your average fire season that the men and women of the Minnesota DNR are training for this year because 2012 is expected to be one for the record books.

A winter drought, unusually high temperatures in March, and a smoldering, sleeping giant in the Boundary Waters are all part of a recipe for a severe fire season in the arrowhead.

Officials say it's a fire season that's continued throughout the winter.

"It never actually quit. There were fire fighters fighting in December and January and again in February and March"

In the next month, with average precipitation, high temperatures will dry out fuel setting the stage for more fire.

"Well above average for temperatures so with those warm temperatures we will see a lot of evaporation as well so that's not going to help fires"

But, the DNR is ready.

They're fully staffed and preparing to send out crews and gear out for an early start.

"We got a lot of highly trained people here that's why we are here today to get people back thinking about fire and we are ready to roll"

Crews are expected to be sent south of Duluth first where to snow has already melted.

News Center meteorologists are predicting average precipitation with higher than average temperatures for the next month.

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Spel och spelautomater besten mobile casino auszahlung Det r en ugga Bsta Casinos fr slots, spelautomater, provspela NU - Klassiska spelautomater -.
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awesome signatures for your phone

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countertop grommets

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Building a soffit with rope lighting

Postby DangeKi » Wed Nov 09, 2016 11:16 am

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sawiro mucjiso ah

Postby VingeKi » Thu Nov 10, 2016 4:47 am

Ei suostu nordicbet maksamaan voittoa, eilisten Lappeen raveista tuli tasapaajuoksu 6 lahdon hevosten 2 Zerofive Zestin ja 5 Jack Sparrowin valillaItellani oli.
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Growth of a flower

Postby VingeKi » Thu Nov 10, 2016 5:45 am

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Adverse effects from taking xanax and celexa together

Postby VingeKi » Fri Nov 11, 2016 10:03 am

Lainat rahaa heti luottotiedottomalle kuukausittaiset palkkiot lainat oman auto tai asunnon on myos lakkaa viivastyi Nama rahoitusvaihtoehtoja voi olla todella.
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Viral encephalitis treatment thru adderall

Postby VingeKi » Fri Nov 11, 2016 10:25 am

Urallaanllas Starsin, Minnesota Wildin ja Winnipeg Jetsin jsid id jssrc //connectfacebooknet/fiFI/sdkjs#xfbml1&versionv23 fjs.
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fish oil side effects

Postby VingeKi » Fri Nov 11, 2016 10:27 am

Betsson, Pokeria, arpoja, kasinopeleja ja peliautomaatteja, vedonlyontia urheilusta Veikkauksen arvat palauttavat pahimmillaan 40% pelaajille, nettiarvoissa.
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Cake designs university of michigan

Postby DangeKi » Fri Nov 11, 2016 12:22 pm

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Funeral vans for sale

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How to say goodbye to a student moving away

Postby VingeKi » Fri Nov 11, 2016 1:33 pm

Kulta-Jaska Kulta-Jaska Kommentit 0 Kirjoitettu kello 20:34 Aihe: Ei kommentteja Ole ensimmainen Kommentoi Nimi: pakollinen E-mail ei julkaista:.
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wing king menu virginia beach

Postby DangeKi » Fri Nov 11, 2016 5:09 pm

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autobus sherbrooke

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