August 13th, 2008 Wildflower Report

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August 13th, 2008 Wildflower Report

Postby LorraineA » Sun Aug 17, 2008 10:44 pm

I suppose I got to thinking about this because of the explosion of St John’s-wort even after they tried to eradicate it. As I was riding down #61 I took note of the wayside flowers – mostly very beautiful and much loved by me. I came home and looked them up. The flowers with no stars are native, one star, introduced and two stars, invasive. They may be invasive by crowding the others or by poisoning the soil so that the natives can’t grow. That does not mean they are not beautiful.
Jewelweed, Tansy **, sow thistle*, mullein **, yarrow, Black-eyed Susan, Spotted Knapweed **, evening primrose, aster, goldenrod, bunchberries, butter&eggs **, St John’s-wort **, bird’s-foot trefoil **, most of the clovers have been introduced and some are invasive, Canada & Bull thistle **, Ox-eye daisy **, Creeping Bellflower **,. It would be nice if those that planted along the roadways did more testing than they do.
We went to County Road #34 especially to see the Arrow-leafed Tearthumb. Other things we saw were a large area of large Rudbeckias, Northern Green Bog-orchid, Spurred Gentian, Joe Pye, Water Hemlock, Canada & Bull Thistle, Mullein and 10 Purple Fringed Orchids.

Then to the Lima Grade to see the Closed Gentian and watch the bee go completely inside to get his nectar. Northern Bog-orchids, Goldenrod, Lettuce and Joe Pye.
Lunch at East & West Twin campground. Another lovely day!!
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