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June 25th, 2011 Wildflower Report

PostPosted: Mon Jun 27, 2011 7:43 pm
by GunflintLodge
June 25th, 2011 - Report by John Silliman

I took a trip down the Granite River (Entry Point 57 - Magnetic Lake) today and found many interesting flowers. The newest and most spectacular of the flowers were the wood lilies I saw by Little Rock Falls. There were also pink lady’s slippers, smooth hawkweeds, orange hawkweeds, wild roses, pale corydalis, and yarrows.

Amy, the other Naturalist, and I have compiled a list of all the flowers in the area:
Bluebead Lily
Wild Sarsaparilla
Red Baneberry
White Baneberry
Rose Twisted Stalk
Pink Lady’s Slipper
Orange Hawkweed
Smooth Hawkweed
Bird’s Foot Trefoil
Red Clover
White Clover
Ox-eye Daisy
Yellow Pond Lily
Pale Corydalis
Virgin’s Bower
Labrador Tea
Wood Lily
Star Flower
Twin Flower
Field Pussytoes
Pink Pyrola
Nodding Trillium
White Campion
Bladder Campion
Common Chickweed