Moss Lake Trail proposal making headway

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Moss Lake Trail proposal making headway

Postby BRTman » Thu Jun 27, 2013 10:08 pm

In late December, 2012, the Border Route Trail association submitted a formal proposal to the USFS to layout and construct the Moss Lake Trail which would run in an east-west direction on the south side of Moss Lake. This new 2 1/4 mile trail, built to wilderness hiking trail standards, will connect the exceptionally scenic Caribou Rock Trail with the historic South Lake Trail. Once the Moss Lake Trail is approved and completed hikers will be able to enjoy one of the most scenic loop routes in the Upper Midwest. The 13 1/2 mile loop will include not only the Moss and Caribou Rock Trails with their bluff top views of Bearskin, Moss, Duncan and Rose Lakes but also one of the more spectacular portions of the Border Route Trail with highlights including Rose Falls and bluff top views of Rose, Rat, and South Lakes.

The Moss Lake Trail was flagged last fall with initial ground surveys checking for types of bird habitat and indications of prior human habitation being done in late May. The next step will be getting the approval of the plant biologists at which point public opinion will be solicited and analyzed. If everything goes well the project will be approved and BRTA volunteer crews will be able to move in and clear the trail, hopefully at some point this fall and if not, in the Spring of 2014.

Stayed tuned for updates as they become available or contact us at

If you're interested in becoming involved in BRT maintenance and/or in the construction of the Moss Lake Trail we invite you to join the Friends of the Border Route Trail Meetup Group at ... ute-Trail/

Ed Solstad
Non-Wilderness Maintenance Coordinator
Border Route Trail Association
Ed Solstad
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