Gray Owl by Buck Peura

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Gray Owl by Buck Peura

Postby finnbay » Mon Apr 04, 2011 8:15 pm

I have a friend by the name of Buck Peura who is a great story teller. I was able to convince him to record a story for me to write down and share with you. Enjoy!

Gray Owl by Buck Peura

As you grow up in different parts of the country, myths and legends and old wives tales native to the area grow up with you. In the north woods of Minnesota, many of the tales that linger through the generations revolve around the beautiful and crafty white tail deer. As a school boy, most of these mysticisms were taken as gospel by those of us who told our hunting stories around the light pole in the middle of the school yard at recess. However, by the time I got to college, I was able to address this foolishness for what it was – hogwash. This is until the fall of my senior year.

I spent the deer seasons of ’58 and ’59 hunting with my college roommates around the Hastings area. Hunting was certainly different down there and although I missed tramping through the woods behind the house, I enjoyed the camaraderie of my present friends. By the time duck season started in 1960 I had decided to spend some time back in the forests around the Ely area.

Fortunate scheduling gave me a month of time off from school starting on Halloween. “Fantastic” I thought. That would give me almost a week to scout my old hunting area before the season started. I certainly took advantage of the time – walking, partridge hunting and building some stands.
Two days before season started I was spending the morning checking out the scrape situation around the Cedar Swamp. The morning was crisp and clear, no snow had yet fallen. The rut seemed to be in full swing judging from all the activity. I was crawling over a windfall when I saw a huge owl. The most common type of owl in our part of the world is the great gray, and normally they can be pretty impressive. This fella must have been pretty old. Not only was he one of the bigger members of his species that I had ever seen, his temple feathers were scraggly and in a bit of disarray. Seeing him sitting in the tree above me started me to thinking about an old tale that my parents used to talk about. Seems the thinking was that owls and big bucks tended to travel together. No particular reason why, but I can still remember my father saying “Buck, when that big owl flies by, keep your eyes peeled for antlers!” Straddling the log, I stopped and fondly looked up at the big bird and said “Hi there, Gray Owl. Where’s your friend?” His “friend” stood up at the other end of the windfall, stared at me for a few seconds, and then slowly walked off through the cedars with the owl following overhead. I had never seen a buck so huge with a rack like that! The beams were as thick as my wrists. Five well formed points rose from the right side. The left side started out as a palm and ended with spikes erupting in every direction. The deer’s chest was massive and with the neck thick with the rut, it seemed his body climbed right up to the head.


I was dumbfounded and excited at the same time. With a deer like this in my hunting territory this could be an interesting season after all. I had already quite forgotten about the owl.

The season started without any snow, making it difficult to see where the deer were moving. Even so, I had seen a pair of yearlings and a doe with a fawn – all fair game for the pot but I wanted a chance at the big buck. I was hunting by myself and typically would start the day by going out before daylight and sitting until I could see pretty well. I would then still hunt until lunch and after would slowly walk along the edge of the Cedar Swamp out to a stand near where I saw the big deer, and sit until dark.

About 7:30 on the third morning, I was about ready to get out of my stand when an owl came out of nowhere and landed in the tree next to me. Seeing the motley state of his head feathers immediately got and held my attention. “That was the owl I saw when – “. I was brought back to reality by an angry snort and a crash of the underbrush. I turned and saw a flash of the unique horns as the deer disappeared. I looked back at the owl and I swear he had a smirk on his face for a moment before he hunched, and then took off in the direction of the sound of the retreating deer. Twice I’d seen the owl and twice I’d seen the deer. I wasn’t convinced there was really a connection, still…..

Two days later I was walking back towards the Cedar Swamp when, in the distance, I heard a distinctive “Hoo-hoot, hoo hoot!” Was it worth a look? Why not! Nothing else I’d been doing seemed to be paying off. In moving to where I’d heard the owl, I was able to walk through an area of mossy swamp, almost without any noise at all. I’d take a couple of steps, stop and look, walk a couple of more and stop again. It took almost half an hour to move the couple of hundred yards to where I knew the owl must be. “Hoo-hoot!” There was the owl almost fifty yards away. Even at that distance it was easy to see it was the same one. I was approaching him from behind and I was sure he didn’t know I was around. Closer, closer, step by step I made my way towards the gray warrior. My heart started to pound as I was making the stalk. My eyes were glued to the owl and my ears were tuned into his haunting voice. The small cedars to my left exploded and a huge form raced to my right. I raised my gun halfway but put it back down immediately as I knew I didn’t have a shot. The buck was out of my sight within a second but I had enough of a look to see that it was “my” buck. The owl turn his head over his should and looked at me with what can only be described as disdain. Before, I had merely been amusing to him. This time I had come close enough to make him angry. He swooped away, possibly with a new respect for me and I with a growing respect for him. “Keep him for me, Gray Owl” I said softly.


Over the coming days all the deer in the area, including the big buck, seemed to have left. Seldom had I gone through two days without seeing something. I was to the last afternoon of the season without seeing so much as a flag. After lunch on that Sunday, I half heartedly headed back into the woods. Getting a deer at this point would be an inconvenience. I had to leave for Mankato in the morning and there just wouldn’t be time to take care of it properly before I had to leave. I wasn’t really disappointed. I had been able to spend many days in my beloved woods.

I got to my stand and decided to walk around the Cedar Swamp one more time. The owl and the buck still haunted me and my mind was far away from watching what I was doing. Along the last hundred yards of the Swamp was a balsam thicket so dense you almost had to swim to get through it. Suddenly, Gray Owl was there in front of me. Instead of swooping he was beating his wings quickly, trying to speed away. I had surprised him. Where was the big buck? He had to be there! I was answered shortly when the small balsams started to move violently behind me. I had walked right past him without seeing him! I had one hope and as I swung around, I pulled the hammer back. I’m not proud of the shot I took. As a matter of fact, it’s the type of shot I now tell my son not to take. The buck was quartering away from me from my right to my left. When I had turned far enough, I took one shot from the hip as he briefly passed through the small opening in the balsams I had just come through. I heard the deer for the next several seconds as he bounded away from me towards the middle of the Cedar Swamp.

I was cursing myself now. I really didn’t want to shoot. It was getting late and darkness was already starting to close in on the balsams. Though it was an instinctive shot, it was a poor shot and even if I did connect, it could be a long search with a flashlight to find the deer. School was on my mind. I knew I couldn’t put that off another day to go searching for a deer in the morning. Still, I had to make the effort.

I went to where the deer was when I shot and thankfully, couldn’t find any evidence of the deer being hit. No hair, no blood. I found where my bullet had clipped off a branch that was up to my chin. It was almost impossible that it could have hit the deer at that angle. I walked down through the woods towards the Swamp and could plainly see where he had kicked up the leaves as he made his getaway. Still no sign of blood, and long, strong strides going into the distance. After about 75 yards I knew he hadn’t been hit. “Thank god” I said.

Over the following year I had many pleasant memories of the season and Gray Owl made a good deer story. The next fall found me back home again. The job market was a little slow and I wasn’t quite ready to move to Minneapolis anyway. Maybe the big buck would still be around.

I was scouting the weekend before season when I next saw Gray Owl. I had come to the balsams on the edge of the Cedar Swamp when I heard the “hoo----hoot”. I smiled to myself and started to plan my strategy for the season. I had to get a look at the buck again. I followed the sound down into the Swamp. “Hoo---hoot”. I was hurrying with excitement. His gray form was unmistakable. His temple feathers were more rumpled than before and his shoulders almost seemed to droop. He looked like an old man. His voice was melancholy and I suddenly had a very unsettling feeling. As I came closer, I could see that he was watching me, and yet made no effort to escape. I was puzzled. He was quiet as I finished the last few steps, but his eyes stared directly into mine. I stumbled as I reached his tree, looked down to see the remains of a deer that had obviously died some time before. It was the big buck. What was left of the frame was huge. The mice and squirrels had attacked the antlers, chewing off several points and almost gnawing through the thick base at the skull in an effort to restore the minerals they needed for survival. Even in this state, they were impressive. Most of the ribs were there and it was obvious what had happened. The sixth rib on the left side and the fourth rib on the right side were both broken in half well up towards the spine. He had made it less than two hundred yards from where I had shot him.

A wellspring started within me and I began to sob. “I’m sorry Gray Owl” I bellowed and looked up into the tree. He was gone. He’d served his friend one last time.

I have no argument with hunting. I believe God in his wisdom, allows for those of us who spend our time in His world to pursue game in a fair manner as did our ancestors. And yet, I had no heart for even being out in the woods that November of 1961.

My penance complete, I again took to the woods during the fall of ’62. I’ve related my story to many of my friends and people I have guided throughout the years. For the most part I have been met with skepticism. To be honest, I never again have seen an owl and a buck together. Is it just on old wives tale? I don’t know, but when my son and I go out together those cool, crisp days of November I always say:

“Matti, when that big owl flies by, keep your eyes peeled for antlers!”

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
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Postby VingeKi » Sat Nov 05, 2016 9:14 pm

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