Out of State Hunters

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Out of State Hunters

Postby dandnoutfitters » Tue Feb 01, 2011 9:09 pm

Looking for information on the fall rifle season for 2-4 Out-of-State hunters. Looking for guidlines and how to set up hunting trip in BWCA. Would like to know average rut dates and expected terrain, recommended calibers, density of bear and wolves. What types of animals Out of State hunters can hunt? Wolves, bear, moose?? We would like to hunt without a guide and set up a drop camp along the river...prices and suggestions?? Weve had 10 years experience in camping in Colorado Mountains and are professional outfitters in the state of Texas looking to hunt somewhere else. Do you have any contact information for local river outfitters that would set up a drop camp?? Thank you for your time!
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Re: Out of State Hunters

Postby GUEST » Thu Feb 03, 2011 12:59 pm

Hunting Season Info as well as the regulations book is at http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/hunting/index.html

They can hunt deer, grouse, & bear in the BWCA. But for bear, they need to apply in advance for a permit for a specific hunting area. Non-resident deer & small game (grouse) licenses are easy to buy over the counter. For bears, a select number of harvest permits are given out in each permit area; normally hunters exceed demand & that's why they apply; they may or may not be drawn in a given year. Moose is not an option as that is open to state residents only & is a lottery hunt where applications far exceed licenses available (that's why it is a once-in-a-lifetime hunt as well). Wolves are still protected & there is no hunting or trapping on wolves at this time. And the BWCA has special, very limiting rules for bear & other types of hunting/recreating as well... http://files.dnr.state.mn.us/recreation ... mation.pdf

Camping permits are a requirement in the BWCAW. And the way they work or how far in advance they should request one depends on whether or not the hunters are in the BWCA before September 30 or after. The best source for information on BWCA rules & permits is the US Forest Service (Superior National Forest). I can't paste the internet link/address for that page because it's too long.
If they google "USFS BWCA permits," click on the USFS website that pops up, & then click on "Special Places" They will get all the info they need on the BWCA, including a list of outfitters.

Deer densities are low in the BWCA, and the highest numbers of deer are in association with human development & roads (such as the Gunflint Trail). Bear numbers are fairly good, but I don't have a density/mile number to pass along. Fishing is always a good option too, but for some species it may be closed depending on how late in the fall they want to go. The rut falls within the first 2 weeks of November for deer during the rifle season. Deer Archery Season & Grouse Hunting open the middle of September. Bear Season opens Sept 1. I don't recommend they go to the BWCA during the last week of Sept. or first 2 weeks of October because that is when the resident moose hunters are trying to get their once-in-a-lifetime moose.

Terrain is challenging. Motors are not allowed on most lakes, so paddling to/from campsites & using portages that may be long or short, steep or flat, rocky or wet to carry their canoe & all of their gear is to be expected. In general wheels & motors are not allowed in the BWCA. Finding a good outfitter is the key to planning a good trip. And they should be realistic about their expectations. If they get a deer or bear, they should be prepared to take care of the meat & haul it all out. Trophy hunting & wasting meat is a crime. Weather conditions in the fall can be either warm or freezing cold with rain & snow possible depending on how late they go.

Hope that helps.

Nancy G, DNR
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