Outdoor Survival Tips

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Outdoor Survival Tips

Postby green1706 » Sat Jul 18, 2009 11:17 am

Always hang your food and any articles that have come in contact with it. Bears can climb trees but know when a branch is unsafe to traverse.
Step 1 Seal all food in double wrapped plastic.
Step 2 Find a tree that is at least 50 feet from your tent with a long thin branch just strong enough to hold the weight of your food (1-1 1/2" thick). This branch should hang around 12-15 feet from the ground.
Step 3 Locate a small rock and place it inside a sock. Tie the end of a 50' rope to the sock.(You should always carry a 50' to 75' length of strong and very lightweight rope. You will find it indispensable for things like fixing your pack, tying down your tent, dragging game, and making first aid splints and clothes lines.)
Step 4 Now simply throw this contraption over the fore mentioned branch. The rope should hang a good 6' from the trunk and any surrounding branches.
Step 5 Tie the food bags or pack to the end of the rope and pull it up until it hangs 3 to 4 feet under the branch.
Step 6 Find a near by tree and tie the end of the rope with the sock to it. (If possible tie this around 6 to 8 feet from the ground.)
NOTE: This process doesn't guarantee your food will be there in the morning. I have seen bears chew threw branches so that the rope falls. I have also heard of bears locating the tied off rope and pulling it so that the pack flips off its perch. If you plan on spending a long period in the woods be sure to carry extra emergency food or buy a Bear Resistant Food Container. Avoid foods that are spicy or smoked.

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