Winter Camping Plan

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Winter Camping Plan

Postby brady » Mon Dec 10, 2007 11:07 am

I would like to know a good snow shoeing and winter camping plan in the Boundary Waters park.
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Postby InTENTS Camper » Wed Jan 02, 2008 10:09 am

Well, Depending on what you want to do when your up there. Day Trip Skiing, Snowshoeing, or Fishing. Target your interest and plan from there.
The options are endless depending on your skill and length of stay. Me personally when I go, we target a fish species and then pick a lake or area from there. We ski or snowshoe in and set up a base camp and either fish close to camp or day trip to different fishing spots. Hopefully I'm able to make it up there this winter for another trip...Last winter's trip was great!
Good Luck!
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Postby bwca » Wed Jan 02, 2008 2:09 pm

Do you build a snow hut or use a tent? What do you bring for gear?
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Postby slackadocious » Wed Jan 02, 2008 7:31 pm

If youve planned summer trips to the bwca, its really no different in the winter, other than its a lot colder and you need a sledge and snowshoes instead of a canoe and paddle.

If you only plan to spend 1 day in the wilderness and not camp, find a big lake worth exploring. But depending on how far away you live, a single day's trip all the way to the bwca and back might be too much effort.

If you plan to camp for 1 or more nights, the best bet is to pick an entry point you're familiar with, eg, Missing Link lake or something like that.. then use the bwca maps to plot a course.. either hiking in and back on the same trail.. or actually making a loop, so you never cover the same ground twice.. It kinda depends if you want to be on the move every day, or just want to make a primary base camp and day trip around to different spots.

Its definitely easier to make a base camp and then hike around on day trips. This way you arent spending half of every day hiking to a new spot, building a shelter and collecting firewood.

If you're really hard core, you will make a big loop, camping somewhere different every night. It definitely takes more energy hauling full loads day after day, but its great to see different scenery too.

hope this helps.
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Postby InTENTS Camper » Thu Jan 03, 2008 11:51 am

"Do you build a snow hut or use a tent? What do you bring for gear?"

I've done it both ways depending on the conditions, have also just used a tarp. A snow hut is fun and also is a warmer option, for example one year out of Ely we built a big snow hut with 4 guys and a dog. The next morning when we got up it was 25 below outside and inside the hut it was 15 degrees above. Big difference! I pull a sled about 5 feet long (basic one you can buy from your hardware store) and use rope with pvc poles to keep it the distance I want behind me when I'm skiing or snowshoeing and attaching it to my pack at the waist with carabiners. I then use a big duffel bag to put my gear in which consists of.

-Tent (Marmot Swallow 2) and/or Tarp
-Sleeping bag (-20 degree REI synthetic),
-ThermaRest and Foam RidgeRest pads,
-MSR whisperlite cook stove & fuel
-(2) 20oz coffee mugs. (1 for coffee, 1 for eating out of=keeps food hot)
-Aluminum Nesting Cookpots (1 boiling water & 1 for cooking)
-2 pair of Long Underwear (tops & bottoms) wear 1 pack 1
-extra wool socks (I plan for 1 pair a day)
-2 hats
-gloves & Mitts (wool or fleece 1/2 fingers work well with choppers!)
-Puffy Jacket (down or synthetic)
-lightweight fleece top and/or Fleece vest
-Windstopper Fleece Jacket (patagonia R4)
-Shell Jacket with Hood (patagonia ready mix)
-Fleece Pants
-Wintergreen shell pants
-and either a gore-tex shell or fleece windstopper pant for over top weather pending.
-and trusty Steger Mukluks!
**Tip for you mukluk wearers. (I sleep with mine on, but the grippy rubbber bottoms are kind of a pain in you bag, so I had "my mom" (that was 10 years ago already!) make me some fleece booties with elastic tops to slip over them when I sleep, this is nice because they slip in you bag without sticking, and also dry them out nice so they are dry and ready to roll in the morning) I just got a new pair of mukluks from my wife for Christmas this year too!

**and other personal items....

all this talk is making me want to go home and start packing!

Any tips other people have, I'd love to hear them!
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Postby InTENTS Camper » Thu Jan 03, 2008 11:59 am

One more tip I thought of, for those that wear pac style boots.

Take your liners out at night and sleep with them on.
This will dry them out while you sleep.

Also anything you want dried out put in your sleeping bag with you.

example: Glove liners and socks.
Depending on if you have damp/sweaty socks on when you go to bed, put on clean dry ones on prior to lights out (headlamps that is....)

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Re: Winter Camping Plan

Postby clif5118 » Tue Dec 29, 2009 2:58 pm

Hey I'm trying to plan a winter cross country skiing trip on either the upper or central gunflint trails. Does anyone know if camping is allowed there and how to get to the trail from grand marais? any reply is much appreciated
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