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Archive Messages - Methods in Winter Camping

Postby bwca » Tue Dec 04, 2007 12:30 pm

1 pierre 2005-02-20 15:01
I'd say one of the main "methods" to a successful winter camp is to
be aware of your weather and situate your camp accordingly. Wind is
almost always out of the west, and a good summer campsite is not
usually a good winter campsite. Get yourself into an area (most
often on the western shore) where you will be most protected from
the wind. Build your fire accordingly. Experiment with your tarp -
using it as a heat reflector and wind break. Best winter camps are
often in a grove of young balsam fir.

Be aware of the sun and snow blindness. Smudge charcoal on your
cheekbones or use goggles with a smoked lense or slit goggles. You
ever go snow blind - you'll never forget it.

Grease your face or any exposed skin to retain warmth. Helps more
than you'd think. Always bring a face mask of some sort if you want
to keep your nose.

Many winter trips you won't need all this stuff, but you just don't
know when, and the weather man isn't always that reliable.

Know the signs of hypothermia and what to do when you start
exhibiting them.

Be aware of what you need to do to keep alive and warm if you loose
your gear or are stranded for some reason. Learn how to build a
quinzy shelter or snow trench. They can be uncomfortable but
they'll keep you alive.

Always let someone know where you are headed and when you plan to

Carry spikes in case you go through the ice. Carry an extra change
of clothing on your sled. Know what frost boils look like and avoid
them. Be careful of traveling on streams and rivers. Stay away
from beaver houses. Listen to the ice and learn what shelf ice
sounds like and avoid it. Keep an extra firemaking kit or
waterproof matches on your sled and a tinder kit.

That ought to do for a start.


2 tomnteam 2005-02-20 15:02
Good stuff Pierre,

How about anyone else? I know Jim just got back from a few days of dogsledding in the BW..... How about it Jim?

Happy trails...... "Ride Yellow"

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