New lake travel openings!

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New lake travel openings!

Postby VoyageurNorth » Fri Sep 30, 2011 5:35 pm

From Becca/Kawishiwi station:

This is a heads up that some of the areas that are now closed because of the Pagami Fire will be opened up beginning tomorrow. The order listing areas still closed plus new closure maps will be sent out tomorrow morning.

Travel zones that will be opening up include the travel zones with Snowbank, Disappointment, Ima, Thomas, Fraser, and Bald Eagle Lakes as well as the North Kawishiwi River (only up to the Lake One landing). More roads to the south of the fire will also be opened.


So, now that I posted yesterday, no North Kawishiwi, it is open! Also Knife, Ensign & Kekekabic.
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